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Need help to quit your vaping & tobacco habit?

There are many resources available to provide you with the tools you need to quit vaping and become healthier!

Kick It California

A free program that helps Californians kick smoking, vaping, and smokeless tobacco with the help of proven, science-based strategies. Take the first step toward quitting.


The Youth Vaping Alternative Program Education (YVAPE) is a counseling and educational program for students who have been cited for vaping at school. YVAPE is available to California public middle and high schools that will enroll students instead of alternative disciplinary action for vaping.  YVAPE is designed to provide a positive experience for the student and help them think through their vaping behavior.

ex Program

A digital tobacco cessation program developed by Truth Initiative® in collaboration with Mayo Clinic.

Become A Smokefree Teen

Your choice to use tobacco may prevent you from doing the things you want to do in the future. The sooner you quit, the better off you will be. Whether you are a light smoker, occasional smoker, social smoker, or frequent smoker, getting support can help you stay tobacco-free. Find out what you can expect when becoming smokefree and use their tools to get help along the way.

Every Try Counts

Quitting smoking is possible. If you’ve tried to quit, congratulations – that alone is a big achievement.  It may take several tries to be successful, and you learn something every time you try to quit smoking. By taking small steps, you can learn what works for you. Every try counts.


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