Is there actually nicotine in vaping devices?

Many tobacco companies use a highly-concentrated form of nicotine called “nicotine salts” that’s engineered for vaping. Nicotine salts allow higher concentrations to be inhaled more easily, and absorbed more quickly, than regular nicotine. Whether it’s regular nicotine or nicotine salts, addiction happens fast, and can lead to further substance abuse.

The Teenage Brain

The teenage brain is undergoing important developmental processes. Their brains are creating many new connections that gradually get pruned away during adolescence to make way for “smoother processing” in adulthood. This process of ongoing development and pruning is why teenagers, in particular, are more susceptible to getting addicted to different substances.

Nicotine and the teen brain

Studies have shown that teens get addicted to nicotine more quickly and in smaller amounts. This suggests teens who become addicted to nictones are more likely to also be addicted as adults. This makes it even more important to educate teens on the dangers of vaping.


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